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Terms of use and the following privacy policy

Paragraph 1 – the purpose of the contract of sale

(1.1) The contract aims to sell the products offered on the website

(2.1) The listed prices for the products include all applicable taxes

(3.1) The mentioned shipping costs include all applicable taxes

(4.1) The prices mentioned for the products do not include shipping costs and the buyer / customer must pay them unless it is agreed to deliver the products for free.

(5.1) Payments arising from the approval of this contract shall be effective immediately, unless agreed otherwise

Paragraph 2 – Terms of the contract of sale

(1.2) The offers displayed on the website belonging to the seller are not binding for him to conclude the sales contract

(2.2) The order of the buyer / customer, and we mean the products stored in the purchase basket belonging to the buyer / customer. The email provided by the buyer / customer, and the buyer / customer must make sure that you enter the correct email, where all correspondence is done automatically to the email.

(3.2) The products remain the property of the seller until fully paid

Paragraph 3 – Liability

(1.3) The seller’s responsibility includes only products that are missing or damaged and for which damage has occurred before they are received by the buyer / customer or not in conformity with the description advertised on the site, and the buyer / customer must inspect the products upon receipt.

Paragraph 4 – Cancellation of the order

(1.4) The buyer / customer can cancel the order as long as you do not leave the seller’s building, and if it is sent to him, the return policy is applied.

Paragraph 5 – Return Policy

(1.5) In the event that the product is damaged or does not conform to the description declared on the site, the customer has the right to return the entire order or parts of it and recover all his payments.

(2.5) In case of wanting to return the order or parts thereof in spite of the lack of a logical reason for the return, such as if the product is damaged or does not conform to the description announced on the site, the customer will bear the return cost and the money transfer fees for the amount.

(3.5) The allowed period for returning products is fourteen days, starting from the date of purchase, and no cancellation or return of products will be accepted after the expiry of that period.

(4.5) The buyer / customer must return the products in good and clean condition and in their basic packaging.

(5.6) The seller returns the value of the products to the buyer / customer within 48 hours of receiving the returned products, and the seller has the right to determine the appropriate payment method.

Paragraph 6 – Legal Matters

(1.6) The copy of the contract of sale used by the courts will be exclusively in the Dutch language

(2.7) Legal disputes are only decided by Dutch courts